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Developing Firefox extensions

March 31, 2007

Some links which might help you (and me 😉 ) developing Firefox extensions:</p Getting Started
How to set up the development environment
Link collection, basics
Code examples for access to Firefox tabs
A lot of Firefox extensions
Firefox extensions FAQ
Tutorial on creating Firefox extensions
Another tutorial

My favorite Firefox extensions…

March 31, 2007

… are:

  • ReloadEvery – small tool for reloading a tab at a certain interval.
  • Download Statusbar – a tool that eliminates the download window and shows download in a status bar instead. Very cool and very useful. I am pretty sure something like that will be integrated into one of the next firefox releases.
  • CoLT – a tool for copying a URL and its description into the clipboard. Very useful for blogging!
  • Bookmarks – Easy to use bookmark manager with tagging. However, the aditional popup when closing Firefox is annoying.
  • MIME Edit – change MIME types in Firefox.
  • AutoClose Tabs – closes unused tabs after a while (up to Firefox 3.5).
  • TabAway – close your current tab by double clicking on another one.
  • GreaseMonkey – for changing a web page behavior using JavaScript.
  • SwitchProxy – for easy and fast switching of your proxy settings – in case you do not want to use this method.
  • Vimperator – use well-known keyboard commands in your Firefox browser.

And these are my favorite Thunderbird extensions:

Creating a bootable Solaris DVD with Solaris Nevada 59 on my old Dell GX110

March 15, 2007

Creating a bootable Solaris DVD is pretty easy with Solaris Nevada 59 on my old Dell GX110 with a 733 MHz PIII CPU, 512 MB RAM, and a NEC ND-7550A DVD RW drive, using the following command:

$ cdrecord driver=mmc_dvdplusrw -dao -v speed=2 \
dev=/dev/rdsk/c1t0d0s2 solarisdvd.iso

That’s all. Without the -dao and the driver options, I got error messages like Drive does not support TAO recording, or Data will not fit on any disk.

Firefox and the middle mouse button

March 2, 2007

Have you ever pressed the middle mouse button in Firefox while not over a link, in a web site where you cannot use the browser’s “Go back one page” button? If yes, you may have had to log out and log back in again, and maybe you also lost your last entries that you made in the page where you pressed the middle mouse button! Too bad! Here’s …

How to switch off that (and only that) middle mouse button behavior in Firefox.

  • Type in about:config in one of your browser tabs.
  • Type in middlemouse in the Filter entry line.
  • Double-click the middlemouse.contentLoadURL line to switch the value from true to false. The line will be shown in bold afterwards.

That’s all!

Related links:
Customizing Mozilla->Key Bindings. A good starting point for Firefox customization.
How to find your Mozilla profile. (Not needed here as about:config (see above) is the way to change settings.)