Firefox and the middle mouse button

Have you ever pressed the middle mouse button in Firefox while not over a link, in a web site where you cannot use the browser’s “Go back one page” button? If yes, you may have had to log out and log back in again, and maybe you also lost your last entries that you made in the page where you pressed the middle mouse button! Too bad! Here’s …

How to switch off that (and only that) middle mouse button behavior in Firefox.

  • Type in about:config in one of your browser tabs.
  • Type in middlemouse in the Filter entry line.
  • Double-click the middlemouse.contentLoadURL line to switch the value from true to false. The line will be shown in bold afterwards.

That’s all!

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Customizing Mozilla->Key Bindings. A good starting point for Firefox customization.
How to find your Mozilla profile. (Not needed here as about:config (see above) is the way to change settings.)

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