My favorite Firefox extensions…

… are:

  • ReloadEvery – small tool for reloading a tab at a certain interval.
  • Download Statusbar – a tool that eliminates the download window and shows download in a status bar instead. Very cool and very useful. I am pretty sure something like that will be integrated into one of the next firefox releases.
  • CoLT – a tool for copying a URL and its description into the clipboard. Very useful for blogging!
  • Bookmarks – Easy to use bookmark manager with tagging. However, the aditional popup when closing Firefox is annoying.
  • MIME Edit – change MIME types in Firefox.
  • AutoClose Tabs – closes unused tabs after a while (up to Firefox 3.5).
  • TabAway – close your current tab by double clicking on another one.
  • GreaseMonkey – for changing a web page behavior using JavaScript.
  • SwitchProxy – for easy and fast switching of your proxy settings – in case you do not want to use this method.
  • Vimperator – use well-known keyboard commands in your Firefox browser.

And these are my favorite Thunderbird extensions:

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