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Probably the funniest meeting during CEC 2007 in Las Vegas

October 13, 2007

As you might have noticed, about 4000 Sun engineers met in Las Vegas this week to attend interesting presentations, meet group members (e.g. this guy) who often only know each other from sending emails, join the launch of the new systems with the 64-thread UltraSPARC T2 processor, and have a good time.

As always, participants were given some items like a backpack, a T-Shirt, and – of course – a conference guide with the latest news.

On the day before the non-US engineers left Las Vegas, there was some time to drive to Hoover Dam, take a flight to the Grand Canyon, or buy some souvenirs.

I decided to go shopping (I had seen Fry’s building on the bus ride from the airport to our hotel some days earlier), and wanted to see if they had any interesting offers.

After I entered the shop, I was asked to leave my backpack and I got a receipt with my name on it. Interestingly, Fry’s does not only offer computer equipment (as I had thought) but lots of other stuff like refrigerators, TVs, non-computer books, non-computer magazines, and non-computer games. And you can even buy some food or drink a coffee.

Before leaving the shop, I had to get my backpack back. So I gave my receipt to the lady at the exit counter. She took it and went to a small room nearby, but she did not come back with my backpack! I could see that the door was half open, and apparently she had some trouble finding my backpack. After a while, I decided to find out what she was doing and to ask her if I could help. When I came closer to the room, I immediately found the reason: There were more than 10, maybe even 20 identical backpacks! It looked like all those backpacks decided to meet at Fry’s that day and apply for the most densely packed meeting in Las Vegas. Why I did not take a photo I cannot tell – maybe one of my colleagues did?

Oh – by the way – immediately after I asked, my backpack identified itself to the lady. I hope all the other backpacks got back their owners as well.