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Firefox for Solaris now directly available from the Free Download link!

November 28, 2008

Just after I created my last blog entry (the one with the download links for the Solaris versions of Firefox), I noticed that when you go to using Solaris (you’ll be redirected to and then click on the Free Download link, you directly go to a section in the release notes where you can download Firefox for Solaris!

However, if you would like to download the Solaris versions of Firefox when using another operating system (or if you’d like to work with the previous version of Firefox), I suggest that you read my last blog entry and use one of the links in the table 😉

P.S. The README (on the above mentioned download page) describes how to install the Java plugin and the Flash/Shockwave plugin.

Firefox for Solaris – latest versions as of Nov. 2008

November 27, 2008

These are the direct links for downloading the latest versions of Firefox for Solaris:

Version x86 SPARC
Firefox 3.0.4 OpenSolaris pkg  |  tar

pkg  |  tar
Firefox 3.0.4 Solaris 10 pkg  |  tar pkg  |  tar
Firefox Solaris 10 pkg  |  tar pkg  |  tar
Firefox Solaris 8 pkg  |  tar pkg  |  tar