OpenSolaris 2008.11: More on unattended zones installation and the sysidcfg file

After my posting about a new zone for a web server, I did some more tests with the sysidcfg file and found that the following entries work (thanks, Jerry, for sending me a simple sample sysidcfg file):

works fine.

works after I added the following to file /usr/lib/brand/ipkg/pkgcreatezone in the global zone (after line 179) before starting the installation of the zone:

# Get some locale and language packages:
pkglist="$pkglist SUNWloc SUNWlang-enUS"

I found out the packages by looking into /usr/share/locale and /usr/lib/locale and searching for locales using (for example):
$ pkg search en_US.UTF-8

An example of a package that contains several languages is: SUNWinstall-l10n.

root_password=(short password string from Solaris 10’s /etc/shadow file)
works fine. The old password string will be put into the new /etc/shadow file of the 2008.11 zone but can later be changed from the command line (using the passwd command) and will then be replaced by a long string.

is apparently not needed, as the terminal and keyboard works fine for me even without that parameter.

works fine.

name_service=DNS {domain_name=domain.TLD

works fine as well. In case the system cannot verify some of the information, it displays just one confirmation screen (as usual, after configuring the same settings by hand) and after choosing “No” to not enter the information again and using <esc>-2, the rest of the sysidcfg configuration remains intact and will not be asked again, and shortly afterwards the login prompt is displayed.

works fine.

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