Amazing: A General Motors EV1 in Altlussheim/Germany!

Having watched the movie Who killed the Electric Car?, I never thought I’d ever come across one of the remaining EV1‘s. And I was quite surprised when I some weeks ago read about one being displayed in a distance of just 20 km from our Sun office in Walldorf, in the small but nice transportation museum Museum Autovision in Altlußheim! With their collection of electric cars and various incarnations of Wankel engines, it’s definitely worth a visit!

For some time, they showed the 1 litre car from Volkswagen. Looks like they had to give it back. But with the GM EV1, they have another groundbreaking car on display now: A car which of which more than 1000 have been produced and which does not create any exhaust gas (at least not after it has left the production plant, and in case it is charged using renewable energy). Most of these cars have been destroyed by GM – only few are left, one of which is in Altlußheim now.

Among the other cars on display are:

Here are some pictures I took:

Front view. Notice the small flap which covers the charge port (right above the GM logo).

The engine compartment. The big part is the converter.

The rear wheels are partially covered, for low resistance air flow.

Rear view

Yes, it’s the real EV1!

And yes, it’s from General Motors!

The EV1’s shape is still modern.

The interior looks quite sporty.

Pictures from some of the other cars:

The Audi Duo, another seminal hybrid car

The Toyota Prius 1, the first hybrid car from Toyota. The brick on the floor, next to the car’s left rear wheel, is the battery pack.

The engine compartment of the Toyota Prius 1

The Honda Insight, a hybrid car from Honda

One Response to “Amazing: A General Motors EV1 in Altlussheim/Germany!”

  1. RobertJ Says:

    Well, it seems as though one of the "famous" GM Electric Cars did survive the crasher! Makes me wonder, what the hell was GM thinking? Now, since everybody knows gas has the ability to spike upwards to the $140-a-barrel price, I wondered how short lived in the U.S. in particular, the cut back on fossil fuel will go and will it last?

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