Mac OS X: often used UNIX keys on the German keyboard

Enough is enough. Enough testing of <ctrl><alt><cmd> with any possible key to find out where the [, ], |, \, {, } or even ~ keys are on my German keyboard. Or using <alt><cmd>t to display the character map in the Terminal aplication to get those keys.

So here it is, my personal keyboard map reminder for the Mac OS X:

|  pipe symbol  <alt>7
\  backslash  <alt><shift>7 = <alt>/
[  left (opening) square bracket  <alt>5
]  right (closing) square bracket  <alt>6
{  left (opening) curly bracket  <alt>8
}  right (closing) curly bracket  <alt>9
~  Tilde  <alt>n followed by the space key
@  "At" symbol  <alt>l (owercase L)

My favorite is the @ symbol! This is because if you have just worked on a PC (where the @ symbol is created by pressing the <AltGr> – which is just right of the space bar – and then the letter q), and now on a Mac also press the key right of the space bar (it’s the cmd key) with the letter q, you will end your current program – sometimes without a confirmation. That’s the hard way of learning how to enter the @ symbol on a Mac.

The good news is: If you run OpenSolaris inside VirtualBox, you can press the same key combinations (use <right alt> on the mac instead of the <AltGr>) as you are used to on a PC to get the UNIX special keys, with the exception of the pipe (|), less than (<), and greater than (>) symbols. These ones can be reached by pressing using the ^ key instead of the < key.

One Response to “Mac OS X: often used UNIX keys on the German keyboard”

  1. Anon Ymous Says:

    hehe yes that’s pretty sucky, especially when you’re doing dual boot and ALT+7 doesn’t produce the | symbol on Windows 😉
    anyway, I think OS X is still the best Desktop UNIX out there

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