Mac OS X: Moving the cursor word by word

Tired of testing of <ctrl><alt><cmd> with the left or right arrow key to find out how to move the cursor word by word for moving the input mark or for extending the character selection?

Maybe the small table below is a useful word-by-word and beginning/end of line movement reminder for you when working with Mac OS X:

Application Version move cursor w/w change selection w/w move cursor b/eol change selection b/eol
Textedit  1.5  <alt>  <shift><alt>  <cmd>  <shift><cmd>
Firefox  3.0.5  <alt>  <shift><alt>  ?  ?
Mac Mail  3.5  <alt>  <shift><alt>  <cmd>  <shift><cmd>
StarOffice  9  <alt>  <shift><cmd>  <cmd>  ?
NeoOffice  2.2.5  <cmd>  <shift><cmd>  <fn>  <shift><fn>
Adium  1.3.2  <alt>  <shift><alt>  <ctrl>  <shift><ctrl>
Nedit (X11)  ?  <ctrl>  <shift><ctrl>  ?  ?

One Response to “Mac OS X: Moving the cursor word by word”

  1. Craig Morgan Says:

    Another for you :-
    Textmate v1.5.8: move cursor w/w – ALT, change selection w/w – SHIFT + ALT, move cursor b/eol – CMD, change selection b/eol – CMD + SHIFT
    BTW, Safari (and any Cocoa app) also use the above as they are defined in Apple’s Styleguide. Deviation is basically a function of platform origination 😉

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