How to collect relevant data for application core analysis

Not sure if you knew already – there is a tool available which collects all relevant data for analyzing application cores, for example by Sun’s service and support engineers. It’s called pkgapp (not pkgadd šŸ˜‰ ) and can be directly downloaded by clicking this link.

When started (after extracting in a directory like /opt/pkgapp) using:

$ /opt/pkgapp/pkgapp -c /path_to_core_file -p /path_to_executable

it collects all libraries for that executable, several proc tool outputs, and more, and packs it into a tar file in a new directory below the current directory.

If you would like to test it, you can just create a core with the gcore command:

$ gcore PID

Where PID is the process ID of a currently running process for which you would like to create the core file. The process will not be killed; it will continue running.

A sample session looks like the following (hostname and hostid replaced by dummy entries):

$ id
uid=0(root) gid=0(root)
$ /usr/bin/sleep 30&
[1]     17825
$ gcore 17825
gcore: core.17825 dumped
$ /opt/pkgapp/pkgapp -c core.17825 /usr/bin/sleep
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Sun Microsystems RSD pkgapp 3.0 Solaris                               [01/21/2009]
* ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* OS release                            [5.11]
* Platform                              [SUNW,Sun-Blade-1000]
* Checking [-c] is a core or pid        [using core /var/tmp/pkgapp/core.17825]
* Checking corefile for a valid pldd    [pldd is good with 4 elements]
* Process root                          [/usr/bin/sleep]
* Databin parameter [-s] checks         [reset to /var/tmp/pkgapp]
* Databin found                         [/var/tmp/pkgapp]
* Databin writable check                [success]
* Databin used/created is               [/var/tmp/pkgapp/pkgapp-012109-02]
* Creating temp area                    [/tmp/pkgapp.18627/]
* Checking if corefile is truncated     [core seems truncated - may not be useful]
* Checking if corefile cksum = filesz   [core cksum matches file size, may be fine]
* Process binary                        [sleep]
* Checking usage history                [not recently run]
* sleep binary bit version              [32]
* Checking path [-p] to binary name     [failed, path includes binary name]
* Resetting path [-p] parameter         [/usr/bin]
* Checking path [-p] is a directory     [success]
* Locating sleep                        [success]
* Checking located sleep is 32 bit      [success]
* Binary located                        [/usr/bin/sleep]
* Adding binary to pkgapp.pldd          [success]
* Grabbing pldd                         [success]
* Grabbing pstack                       [success]
* Grabbing pmap                         [success]
* Grabbing pcred                        [success]
* Grabbing pflags                       [success]
* Grabbing pargs                        [success]
* Not Including the core/gcore
* Javatools [-j] not set                [skipped]
* Grabbing /var/adm/messages            [success]
* Grabbing uname -a                     [success]
* Grabbing date/time                    [success]
* Grabbing showrev -p                   [success]
* Grabbing pkginfo -l                   [success]
* Grabbing /etc/release                 [success]
* Grabbing coreadm                      [success]
* Grabbing ulimit                       [success]
* Grabbing libs                         [success]
* Making lib paths app/                 [success]
* Making lib paths libs/                [success]
* Processing file 1 of 48
* Processing file 2 of 48
* Processing file 3 of 48
* Processing file 46 of 48
* Processing file 47 of 48
* Processing file 48 of 48
* Linking libraries                     [success]
* Libraries linked                      [48 ttl]
* Using hostid for naming .tar.gz       [12345678]
* Writing file                          [pkgapp-12345678-sol01-090121-094026.tar.gz]
* Done gathering files
* Writing dbxrc & files     [success]
* Writing manifest-090121-094026.log    [success]
* Writing pkgapp-args-090121-094026     [success]
* Creating final tarfile                [success]
* Compressing tarfile                   [success]
* End of runtime logging
* Saving history info                   [/var/tmp/pkgapp-history/history-090121-094026.log]
* Saving runtime log                    [/var/tmp/pkgapp-history/runtime-090121-094026.log]
* Removing [-r] temp area/files         [left alone]
* Operations Complete
Upload the following file(s) to your Cores Directory at Sun
1) File(s) located in directory /var/tmp/pkgapp/pkgapp-012109-02
[ pkgapp-12345678-sol01-090121-094026.tar.gz ]
2) File(s) located in directory /var/tmp/pkgapp/
[ core.17825 ]
Note: pkgapp has not included the core.17825 with the above pkgapp tar
Please rename the file appropriately and upload to the same location
Thank you.
Sun Software Technology Service Center (STSC)

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