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Finally: Adobe Reader 9 for Solaris x86 is available for download !!!

March 26, 2009

Believe it or not. Adobe has finished and made available Adobe Reader 9 for Solaris x86! You can download it from here (in .bin (self-extracting executable), .tar, and .pkg format). System requirements are mentioned here (minimum Solaris level are s10u5 or OpenSolaris 2008.11).

Firefox: How to easier identify secure web sites before entering passwords

March 26, 2009

Recently, I encountered an article on Heise Security (for the English version, click here) and found it very useful. The article recommended to change the property browser.identity.ssl_domain_display from 0 to 1 in about:config so that the area in which the favicon is displayed (left to the URL line) will also display the domain name. The change will make it much easier to identify a secure web sit before entering personal or otherwise sensitive information like passwords, so I also recommend it. You can find screen shots at the bottom of the mentioned article.

Firefox 3 for Solaris – latest versions as of Mar. 2009

March 5, 2009

These are the direct links for downloading the latest versions of Firefox 3 for Solaris. Because there are several security bug fixes implemented in 3.0.7, I strongly recommend to install them soon:

Version x86 SPARC
Firefox 3.0.7 OpenSolaris pkg  |  tar pkg  |  tar
Firefox 3.0.7 Solaris 10 pkg  |  tar pkg  |  tar

You can still find the links to the latest Firefox 2 version ( in my previous blog entry on Firefox versions for Solaris.

If you would like to install multiple versions of Firefox on your Solaris system, you can use the tarballs or my script for renaming a Firefox package.