Firefox 3.5 for Solaris!

These are the direct links for downloading Firefox 3.5 for Solaris:

Version x86 SPARC
Firefox 3.5 OpenSolaris pkg  |  tar pkg  |  tar
Firefox 3.5 Solaris 10 pkg  |  tar pkg  |  tar

You can still find the links to the latest Firefox 2 version ( in this blog entry, and to Firefox 3.0 in this blog entry.

If you are visiting the Mozilla web site from a Solaris system, your system will be automatically detected, and you can a see link which shows "Download Firefox – Free" and "3.5 for SunOS". That link directs you to the Mozilla development page on Unfortunately, the Solaris versions are not yet mentioned on the "Other Systems and Languages" web page (actually, that’s why I am maintaining the Firefox for Solaris links in my blog), but who knows – maybe we’ll see it there in a while.

3 Responses to “Firefox 3.5 for Solaris!”

  1. Cyril Says:

    Thanks Bernd! firefox-3.5.en-US.solaris-10-fcs-i386.tar seems to work great, but sans-serif fonts look really ugly now though… is there some dependent lib we need to install or add to LD_LIB_PATH for this build?

  2. chris Says:

    I see the same problem with the fonts. Does anyone have a fix for that yet?

  3. chris Says:

    As a work-around I simply changing the "Default Font" to Arial under Preferences/Content/Fonts & Colors

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