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Domemo: The simpler, the better…

May 11, 2005

One of my favorite games: Domemo.

You have to guess your own numbers but only see the ones of the other players. If you cannot get it, you can build it yourself: Create or buy 28 tiles thick enough that they can stand in an upright position and write numbers on the front side (one of the two sides with the largest area) of each: “1” on one, “2” on two, and so forth, until “7” on seven.

In order to play the game, count the players (up to 5), divide 28 by (# players + 1) and let each player put that much tiles in front of her/him, face to the others so that each player can see each other player’s tiles but not her/his own. The rest of the tiles lay face down on the middle of the desk. Then, one player starts guessing and asks one other player: Do I have a (any number between 1 and 7)? The other player responds “yes” or “no” and in case of “yes” pulls at the top of the corresponding tile so that everybody can see it. In that case, the player can continue guessing.

The first player that guessed all his tiles wins.

Have fun!