My (ksh) profile…

Somehow, my original post (my (.)profile…) got lost. So here are my up-to-date .profile and .kshrc files. Please download them directly via right mouse key and do not load it into a browser window and copy and paste it from there, as one of the files contains a binary character.

There’s some interesting stuff in it:

  • a two-line prompt that contains the current time
  • a function (“md”) that creates a directory and walks (cd) into it
  • a function (“d2u”) that converts DOS line endings into UNIX line endings.
  • a function (“fp”) that searches for entries in the software installation database /var/sadm/install/contents
  • a vi function (hhxpl) mapped to the unused key “q” which toggles the last two characters, just like Emacs’ t

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